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The Proliferation of Cell Phones in Life

The Proliferation of Cell Phones in Life

A large scale change that has taken place in the past 20 years has been the introduction and widespread adoption of cell phones in our daily lives.  The introduction of cellular phones was in the late 1980s, when they were big, expensive, heavy, and really oriented towards business users.  That slowly changed as the technology became more widespread so the costs could decrease and allow more people to afford them.  The technology evolution also meant that the devices could become lighter and smaller.


Popular Use Cases for Mobile Phone Usage

Use cases starting to get more popular on why people should or must have cell phones.  Staying in touch is always a good reason for mobile phones, in terms of convenience and going about your every day life.  In fact, if you think to our habits today, it would seem like a big problem to have forgotten one’s smart phone.  There are so many processes and actions we take every day and probably on an hourly basis, where not having one’s device would be at least an inconvenience to perhaps even a minor disaster.

The convenience reasoning was a good one, but since people have lived without cell phones for all their lives, perhaps not the most convincing.  Another one that was more compelling was around the emergency capabilities aspects of having a mobile phone.  Imagine if you have a tire that goes flat and you can’t change it yourself because of lack of skill, due to the weather, or because you don’t have the necessary equipment.  Especially if this or any other breakdown sort of situation arises on a road that doesn’t have much traffic or possibility of someone assisting, then you could be in for a rough time.  If you combine that with this being your wife or your teenage child, then you get the idea of how compelling of a scenario this is for prompting the purchase of a cell phone.  And, if the weather is foul or if the location of the breakdown is a dangerous location or bad neighborhood, you can see why it becomes very compelling to own a cell phone.

Then, there is the popular business use cases for the need of mobile phones.  It could be that someone just needs to be available on short notice to answer a question or be requested to come to a certain location.  Or, a business owner needs to be gotten a hold of by their customer, distributor, or partner.  All of these reasons make the need for mobile phones a necessary one in today’s life.  To get involved in all this, of course, you’ll need a mobile or smart phone of some sort and then choose among some of the data plans that are available such as the mtn data plans.


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